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epicman702 (218)


This is an embarrassing question cuz I'm a repler for a while now...

But how do you get cycles and what's the point of them?

Answered by Bookie0 (4554) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (4554)

Cycles are a sort of reputation points; it’s the number in parentheses next to your username. You have 171, and I have about 2000. For now, cycles don’t mean anything and are worthless, but the team might add something to them later....
you get cycles by people upvoting your comments, posts, etc. You can also get 5 cycles if someone selects your answer; if you think it’s helpful ;)

Basically, just remember that they’re useless and when people upvote you you get cycles.

Hope this helps! =)

CodingCactus (3088)

@Bookie0 you will be able to buy storage with them i think is the plan

Bookie0 (4554)

Yea, I heard about that as well @CodingCactus

Bookie0 (4554)

Yeah, maybe. Thanks for selecting my answer! :) @epicman702

coderash (279)

You can also get them by answering someones question on ask when they mark it as answered.

TheForArkLD (734)

if you upvoted then you can get cycles