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Daily Question #1: Which games engine would you think of programming with and why?
ReshiramWolfu (82)

I have started a daily question thread, mainly because why not?
Some of these questions will be about coding, some will be about any other topic.

The first daily question, today will be:
Which games engine would you think of programming with and why?

Mine is Ren'Py because it is versatile and everything you need is there to create a really cool Visual novel. It was also used to make one of my favourite games, Doki Doki Literature Club

Answered by katyadee (1214) [earned 5 cycles]
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katyadee (1214)

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing this. You should put the question in the subject line, too!

heyitsmarcus (315)

I'm going to have to go with Unity and C#. There are tons of tutorials out there, and Unity is a very powerful engine. Plus, I develop in C# daily at my job so that's just a plus for me, but I've found C# to be a versatile and powerful language.

IzanLarumbe (33)

Unreal Engine, because of its good graphics and nice community, but im on chrome OS. I still need to wait for the school grades to get my nice i7 Windows 10 intel HD Graphics 300 pc.

Kids would say:
'CaUsE FoRnItE WaS MaDe In UnReAl EnGiNe'

theangryepicbanana (1624)

Danganronpa wasn't made in Ren'Py tho

mkhoi (286)

Godot engine

It's a great engine, it's free and open source, it has its own language called GDscript (which is similar to Python) and C#, Visual Scripting,... It's very easy to use. The Docs have a lot of stuff in it. It's nice

IzanLarumbe (33)

@mkhoi I didnt know it was a social network :P

IzanLarumbe (33)

@mkhoi My school 'PNTE' Or school internet blocking system blocked it as a social network :I