Daily Question #2: Why did you choose Repl.it?
ReshiramWolfu (72)

Time for the Second Daily Question! I started this thread yesterday (London Time) and it became popular, so I am gonna continue with this!
The next question is why did you choose Repl.It

I chose it because i used it once in school, and wanted to save my work. I started to talk in the community and started to love talking to you all as i code. The community is friendly and there is diversity in languages to code with.

I am also gonna paste a daily meme as well for y'all.

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Answered by lsambrook (287) [earned 5 cycles]
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ethanheys (40)

i choose repl.it because my teacher choose it
but i dont really like it its not very powerful on python turtle you cant run code over 100 steps without it breaking and today im trying to write code for a chatbot and nothing is working see here