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Debug in
StivRodzhiers (10)

Will there ever be an option to debug programs in

timmy_i_chen (952)

Yes, we plan on implementing this :) What language would you prefer to see it first in?

Mosrod (270)

There already is on Python3, I don't think other languages have it ATM, but it will support more languages in the future.

yaroslavvolovich (0)

@Mosrod Python debugging doesn't work anymore.

hayaodeh (149)

The Debugger now is only on Python3 on single file mode, as soon as you switch to project mode the debugger get disabled. Can you tell me more what you're looking for?

StivRodzhiers (10)

@hayaodeh, I would like the debugger to work in the mode of several files.

hayaodeh (149)

@StivRodzhiers we have an open issue about it. Here is a link for it where people are upvoting and discussing the issue. Please up vote if that's something you'd like us to implement