Default name challenge
mkhoi (248)

Create a default-named repl and do whatever the name says

Submit your repls here

@neodymium TinySpicySeptagon is the winner of this challenge! And the reward is 5 cycles

@Kognise BeigeDullMotion and ExtralargeWateryFonts, the repls are very accurate of the title!
@a5rocks BitesizedMindlessComputationalscience for the code!
@Steven_The_GuyT FinancialRottenFile for it's humor!
@Vandesm14 LovingJovialOmnipage for it's awesomeness!

Special thanks to all of the upvoters and contestants in this challenge!

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Answered by neodymium (30) [earned 5 cycles]
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HarperframeInc (255)

So all I have to do is a dirty letter? ummmmmm

HarperframeInc (255)

@mkhoi I changed my defualt repl's name lol

mkhoi (248)

@HarperframeInc What did you name it (just asking, doenst relate to the challenge)?

HarperframeInc (255)

@mkhoi No, I created a new default repl.

mkhoi (248)

@HarperframeInc Jolly good! (idk why i said like that, im not british)