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Did Repl.It add support for GitHub?
PaoloAmoroso (139)

Clicking the + button in my REPLs page I noticed an icon featuring the the GitHub logo is among the suggested options as in this screenshot:

I'm reasonably sure it wasn't there a few days ago. Did Repl.It just add support for GitHub? Is it an Explorer feature? Clicking the GitHub icon seems to work and lets me import a repository.

Pretty cool, thanks.

Answered by Scoder12 (651) [earned 5 cycles]
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Scoder12 (651)

Yep! This is an explorer feature still in beta announced in the explorer discord channel by masfrost.

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abc3354 (215)

Github integration ? o.O
Cool !
You can also use F1>Open shell to have git in command line ;)

ash15khng (682)

It's an Explorer feature, and it's still in progress.