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Can anyone help me with this question as I am stuck. The question is asking to set values in a class that was created one of which is set to a function("ceckPassword"). I am stuck at the part which asks to check if the new value ("checkPassword") is the same as an existing value (" password") and return true or false. Here's the question and my response:
function ClassTwo(name, pw, mail){
// Exercise Two: Now that you have created your own class,
// you will create a class with a method on it.
// In this class create 4 properties: username, password, email, and checkPassword.
// Set the value of username to name,
// Set the value of password to pw,
// Set the value of email to mail
// Set the value of checkPassword to a function.
// The checkPassword function takes a string as it's only argument.
// Using the 'this' keyword check to see if the password on the class is the same as
// the string being passed in as the parameter. Return true or false.
Here is my ateempt to answer:
this.username = name,
this.password = pw, = mail,
this.checkPassword = function(){

return this.password === this.checkPassword;

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Did you ever get this to work? I tried the a5rocks answer but it's not working for me.