Hashtag for Twitter #ReplGang?
amasad (2524)

I've been noticing many of you are appearing on the tweeters and was thinking maybe we have a hashtag for our community. Do you have suggestions?

I'll start:

  • #ReplGang
  • #ReplSquad
  • #ReplitDontMessWithUsOrWeWillFindYouAndItWillNotBePleasant

Maybe not the last one. Anyways let me hear your suggestions!

Update: We're going with #ReplGang. If you put it on your profile like this I'll give you 100 Cycles.

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AdCharity (1314)

Did you just say... 100 cycles? But honestly tho I can’t really use social media (but uhhh using that repl feature that rolled out a while back with polygott repls ) those cycles are mine lmao