Do you have any tech heroes?
katyadee (1160)

@superwhiskers had a really great answer to this question in her Developer Spotlight. It got me wondering...

  • Do you have any tech heroes? What about a mentor?
  • Is looking up to people counterproductive?
  • What inspires you, if not a particular person?
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EthanJustice (63)
  1. No, it's kind of hard to look up to a lot of the big tech company figures anymore, just making a lot of bad decisions for the public in exchange for some cash.
  2. At a certain point, if you're doing everything they're doing and it's burning you out or harming you, making you jealous or feeling like a failure, than it's counterproductive.
  3. I'd say that the vision of a better future (I know it's kind of cheesy) is better than idolizing one person and thinking, "I want to be the next [successful person]." If you can think that the world would be a better place with another of those types of people, go ahead, grab the fame and the wealth, but we're all screwed (eventually) anyway unless we actually try to fix the problem(s) at hand.