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Does anyone know what the Tags slot is for when you click Edit on a python repl?
BenjaminNamika1 (20)

I was editing my name and clicked the 3 dots to the right is a project's name and saw

does anyone know what this is for??

Answered by ebest (574) [earned 5 cycles]
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ebest (574)

If you add a tag then press enter and save, if you search up that tag and click the tag, it will show the repls with that tag.


BenjaminNamika1 (20)

@ebest Oh so that is how people get their repls to associate with a certain language Thanks :)

ebest (574)

@BenjaminNamika1 Wait what? I just found out about this tag.

BenjaminNamika1 (20)

@ebest well thanks i guess i'm confusing myself then...