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Does anyone use c++?
ItsEmpCs (39)

I feel like most of the people's on repl it only use python, does anyone else use c++ like me?

amasad (2535)

There are lots of C++ devs but maybe they're quite? C++ gang rise up!

ProgrammerAI (10)

@amasad Speaking of c++, I have an issue with a game. I used polygott to try to setup a screen, but it wouldn't work. HELP!
My code

CPPStudent7308 (8)

That's what I'm using for the Game Jam competition.

SPQR (535)

@CPPStudent7308 yo chief want to work together on the Game Jam? We could accomplish more together and there's still be a significant payout for each of us if we won

CPPStudent7308 (8)

@SPQR That sounds great, but I already have something started. If we were to collaborate, whose code would we use?

SPQR (535)

@CPPStudent7308 hypothetically, I'd imagine we could just look at each other's code and decide based on whose code we want to go with

lpage (0)

I teach C++ using Classroom. I've also used it with my Python class. There is a lot more support for Python. I'm hoping continues to support C++ because the collaborative Repl is an awesome feature for in class and the assignments and auto-testing in Classroom although basic, helps a lot.

AJDevelopment (50)


nogknight (0)

I am currently learning C++

Edgod (80)

Python is my best language, but I am proficient with C++. I do enjoy coding in both languages.

ZacharyWood (22)

I'm currently learning C++. My main language is Python, but I'm working on it.

Ov3R10rd (64)

Hello. I don't use c++, but I use JavaScript! Its very helpful when making video games. What dies c++ do besides making html web pages look prettier?

DrCereal (0)

@Ov3R10rd I think you may be confusing C++ with CSS.

DrCereal (0)

I'm much more comfortable with C, but I do occasionally dabble in the high world of C++.
I feel like us younger folk are at a serious disadvantage for not typically learning low level programming such as C and assembly.

Zavexeon (1035)

There are definitely C++ users, but yes, they are small compared to Python. I primarily use Ruby, and I also find it hard to find help for Ruby on, so I feel your pain.

Try stackoverflow. I usually get good answers here for Ruby.

ZControls_Games (18)

I am learning C++ but I am more confident with Python; though as I said I am still trying to learn the language.

ItsEmpCs (39)

They should create something like each languages community in the website

ItsEmpCs (39)

We need a c++ community for discussion and questions!!!

lamboavent6 (8)

I currently use it, though I'm also teaching myself JS and Java


Used to use C++ on a different compiler. Made a text editor

Zeune (34)

I feel the same about Java, but all languages are utilized. Perhaps part of the problem is we do not have a large enough community that when users go to the the talk section it's not designed as a forum such as DIC (DreamInCode) or SO (StackOverflow). So most the users that post here are beginners that are being introduced to programming and Python as well as Javascript's Node.js are very popular languages / libraries to use as first time developers. Simple and easy to learn with a lot of documentation for people with questions or that need assistance.

ItsEmpCs (39)

@Zeune because smaller amount of peoples use c++, some of my questions arent able to be answered

Zeune (34)

@ItsEmpCs Do you have a particular question you are needing assistance with? Most languages it's just minor syntax differences so most people should be able to get you going in the right direction. Please feel free to post on here and we will do your best to assist you.