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Does have database integration (mongo)?
binaryspike (2)

I'm working on an API wrapper and want to save into MongoDB to test my workflow. Does have database implementations?

It would be convenient if I every time my app ran, it had access to populate a database and then retrieve from the database.

timmy_i_chen (962) can connect to external DB instances, including MongoDB. I use mlab for mine (free tier). Store username/password/uri in an .env file:

scottstornetta (1)

@timmy_i_chen I am a teacher in New Jersey, and would like to show my students in AP Comp Sci Principles a little bit about client server apps, once the AP exam is finished. They used javascript during the year, So I am trying to bring up a simple node-based client server demo with mongodb on the backend for basic CRUD operations. Can you provide a little more detail about how you integrate mlab into your repl?

on behalf of my 55 students in three classes, thank you.

timmy_i_chen (962)

@scottstornetta Mlab is actually getting shut down (they got bought out by mongodb). For your APCSP kids it would probably be easier to use something like JSONstore. I'll whip up a node example in a sec.

timmy_i_chen (962)

@scottstornetta Here's a simple example! Let me know if you have any questions about the code:

werfo (0)

@timmy_i_chen can you give a link to python project with Mlab integration for using it as example? Thank you