Domain linking, please help does not work it has been over 48 hours
Gerardo123 (4)

(IGNORE THE CONNECTED REPL, just didn't want to share the website's code that I had a question on!)
Hello I bought a domain from godaddy and I tried to link the domain to my website on repl but it does not work. Its been over 48 hours and nothing has worked. I bought then I went to repl and clicked link to existing domain. I put in my websites domain name and then I copy and pasted the CNAME into godaddy. On go daddy I put in a new DNS record that is CNAME, where the box that says points to I pasted the CNAME from my website. For host I put www since you guys said that’s the most common one or something. Its been over 48 hours and my website has not been linked. Please help

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Vandesm14 (2265)

@Stanlyhalo Domain linking is back up. For subdomains only. Root domains sadly aren't working still. Ever since they released Domain linking root linking never worked.