Standard Template Library (C++)
DynamicSquid (1962)

Hey guys! Currently I'm making a tutorial on STL containers (std::vector, std::list, std::etc.), and I think I might publish it around next week.

So does anyone have any suggestions of things to include? I'm definitely going to be going over the basic STL containers, along with some useful tips and algorithms. But is there anything different you guys will want to see?

Please let me know in the comments. Thanks, and see you next week!

UPDATE: It's released!

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ipastrano (238)

@DynamicSquid there's `weak_ptr and another one that i forgot the name of. they are a bit of a hassle, delete is just easier, but i guess it can be tedious in a long program with a lot of dynamically allocated space, and the memory leaks can add up. But i still like delete bc im careful.