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Edhesive Computer Science 2.3 Help!
linda231 (7)

The language used is Python and the question asks - Write a program that inputs the length of two pieces of fabric in feet and inches (as whole numbers) and prints the total.
Enter the Feet for the first piece of fabric: 3
Enter the Inches for the first piece of fabric: 11
Enter the Feet for the second piece of fabric: 2
Enter the Inches for the second piece of fabric: 5
It displays:
Feet: 6 Inches: 4

So far I have this:
x=float(input("Enter the Feet for the first piece of fabric:"))
y=float (input("Enter the Inches for the first piece of fabric:"))
j=float (input("Enter the Feet for the second piece of fabric:"))
k=float (input("Enter the Inches for the second piece of fabric:"))
print ("Total: "+str((x+j%(k+y))
And it just ain't working
Can someone help?

Answered by heyitsmarcus (314) [earned 5 cycles]
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heyitsmarcus (314)

Hey @linda231,

I can see why you were originally getting an error. The amount of beginning parenthesis you have in the final print line of your code doesn't match the amount of ending parenthesis. You needed two more at the end for the code to compile.


Your logic for the program is incorrect. I'm laying this out in a format that should be easier to understand. I would personally change x,y,j,k to variables that make more sense to what they are such as feet1, inches1, feet2, inches2. And that is what I did in my example for easier understanding.

Please review the comments in the code below to understand why I added what I did:

import math
feet1=float(input("Enter the Feet for the first piece of fabric: "))
inches1=float(input("Enter the Inches for the first piece of fabric: "))
feet2=float(input("Enter the Feet for the second piece of fabric: "))
inches2=float(input("Enter the Inches for the second piece of fabric: "))
#Get the initial total amount of feet
initialFeet = feet1 + feet2
#Get the initial total amount of inches
initialInches = inches1 + inches2
#Get the remaining inches which is a modulus of 12 (12 inches in 1 foot)
remainingInches = initialInches % 12
#Get the addiitonal feet to add from the total initial inches
#This total has to be divided by 12 and then have a floor done on it which will remove any decimal values
additionalFeet = math.floor(initialInches / 12)
#The total feet will be the initial feet (feet1 and feet2) plus the additional calculated feet
totalFeet = initialFeet + additionalFeet

print ("Total: Feet: " + str(totalFeet) + " Inches: " + str(remainingInches))

And here is a copy of the program above:

If this solves your problem, please upvote and select my answer as the accepted answer to close this question.

linda231 (7)

@heyitsmarcus Thanks, I figured it out! I wasn't expecting this much of an response but I'm glad I did!

heyitsmarcus (314)

@linda231, you are very welcome! I try to be "extra" in all my responses so that you, and others, can learn from answered posts. Cheers!

ash15khng (684)

If you tell us
1) what error are you getting
2) send a link to a repl to make it easier to help
3) describe your problem (something more specific than "And it just ain't working")
we could probably help better

JustARatherRidi (209)

Problem 1: You're missing two closing parentheses after your print statement

Problem 2: What you're printing isn't quite right. After inputting the values, you should do something like this:

feet = x  + j
inches = y + k

# If we have 12 or more inches, add the
# appropriate number of feet
feet += inches // 12

# Divide inches by 12, get the remainder,
# and make that the value of 'inches'
inches = inches % 12

print('Feet:', feet, 'Inches:', inches)

Although I did answer this question because it wasn't too confusing, next time onwards you should definitely (at least) do the things @ash15khng has mentioned.

heyitsmarcus (314)

@JustARatherRidi they were missing 2 parenthesis. But also, your solution is not right as it is incorrect in the logic and missing requirements.

JustARatherRidi (209)

@heyitsmarcus Fixed it now, but I definitely messed that up 😛
You win this one

heyitsmarcus (314)

@JustARatherRidi No winning here man. We're all trying to help people, but we must be wary about giving them the correct information, that's all.

JustARatherRidi (209)

@heyitsmarcus True, but you won in the sense that you've managed to help the op better.

heyitsmarcus (314)

@JustARatherRidi As you learn more, so shall you too help better :)

linda231 (7)

@JustARatherRidi Thanks! I'll remember your advice!

mwilki7 (1078)

What part of the program isn't working?

linda231 (7)

@mwilki7 It wasn't matching what Edhesive wanted. No need to worry I figured it all out!