Editor is out of work. Two strange green cursors appear.
vinci (3)

In addition to the original normal cursor, two strange green cursors with green blocks (my ID) appear.
The original cursor cannot move normally.

Please help me.
Thanks a lot.

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Zavexeon (924)

Have you tried refreshing? Logging out and back in? Does it do this with other repls? If not, you can just fork the repl.

vinci (3)

I have tried:
(1) Refreshing the repl
(2) Logging out and back in to edit the repl
(3) Using another browser : Firefox
(4) Fork the repl
(5) Adding a new repl and key in the same code
(6) Adding a new repl and key in different code
(7) Logging different accounts and key in the same code
The strange color( green or red somtimes) cursors always appear
while I try to edit my code.

Zavexeon (924)

@vinci Hmmm.... well... I'm sorry, this is above my skill level, then.

vinci (3)

The problem hasn't been solved. Anyway, thank your comment.
Hopefully, repl.it will fix it soon.

vinci (3)

The problem has been fixed for no reason. Thank you for your kind assistance.