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Embedded repl's failing to connect
lukeconte1 (5)


I have three repl's embedded on a site and they are just refusing to connect. On load, they are stuck looping through "Failed to connect, retrying" and never actually connect. My connection is strong, the snippets are small, and the language is Bash. Does anyone know why this is happening? They were working fine weeks ago.


PYer (3575)

Can you send a screenshot?

OstaninVadim (0)

Issue reproducible with C++ too always

lukeconte1 (5)

They are being implemented via HTML, and now it seems that they only won't load in IE11. Is IE11 supported by

a5rocks (809)

Does the iframe embed have a ?lite=true part at the end of the url? That's how I do embeds for repl, and it works.

Also, if you think this is a bug, report it to :)

Vandesm14 (2575)

Does this happen with any other programming languages for you?


@Vandesm14 It happened me on html.