Error in C
SofhinWong1 (3)

#include <stdio.h>

//variable for A1
int menu;
char Name[100];
char Student_ID[100];
char Room[100];
char Bill[100];
int Meal, Gym, Week;

int main(){
printf("1 Room Booking\n2 Room Availability\n3 Payment Details\nPlease enter your option:");
printf("\nPlease enter your name:");
scanf(" %c",&Name);
printf("\nPlease enter your Student ID:");
scanf("%c",& Student_ID);
printf("\n\nPlease choose your gender.\n1 Male\n2 Female");
goto A1;

When I run the program, it gives me warning.
warning: format specifies type 'char ' but the argument has type 'char ()[100]' [-Wformat]
May I know how to fix it?

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mwilki7 (262)

Make sure not to mix up:
int choice

%d is for ints int choice; scanf("%d", &choice);
%s is for char arrays char choice[100]; scanf("%s", choice);

something like:

char choice[100];
scanf("%s", choice);
while (strcmp(choice, "done") != 0)
    if (strcmp(choice, "A1") == 0)
        do stuff here
    scanf("%s", choice);

What the code above does is it keeps reading in input until you write "done"
Fill in what you want A1 to do, copy paste and change it a bit if you want "A2" and "A3"

This function:
compares string1 and string2
if they are the same, it will return 0
otherwise it will be something not 0