Exit status -1
Yuvikiit (1)

This is my code and I am not getting why is it showing exit status -1.
Please answer:)
int main()
int i;
char c,d,e;
scanf("%s",c); //to take in the 1st string
scanf("%c",&d);//after string the newline char needs to get in the buffer
scanf("%s",e); //to take in another string
printf("%s\n%s",c,e); //to print both the strings
return 0;

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Answered by mwilki7 (943) [earned 5 cycles]
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Yuvikiit (1)

@mwilki7 Sorry I dont know about repl putting of code, I just pasted my code down and that removed before the c and e thus I am pasting the pic of it as well.
Sorry for that mistake so
c is a character pointer let me know why that didnt work.