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(FIXED) Pseudographics only partially displaying (C++)
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In my program, which is soon to be a console-based pseudographics RPG, I am having a few problems. First and most evident, when I open the repl in its url, it tends to only display a seemingly random percentage of the screen before stopping. On the rare occasion that I can get it to load all the way, it exits when I press one of the WASD keys (my movement keys.) Can someone take a look at my code and see what I've done wrong? Or, is this a server-side issue? I'm starting to lean towards the latter, at least for the first problem, due to there not being any evident specific point of error. Regardless, if someone could pinpoint the issue I would be rather grateful. (Also, yes, I have to do it in, it doesn't run well at all in

Run link:

Edit: the problem seems to be that the unicode extended characters I was using didn't display reliably, and when they didn't display the program would just halt. I fixed it by just using regular old characters.