Files don't update after being edited via code.
LukeZeller (3)

I know this has been asked before, but do we have any updates on fixing this bug? It's really annoying and I would have switched platforms by now if there was anything out there similar to
Thanks, Luke.

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Scoder12 (641)

Actually this is in beta right now and still under development. The project is called "goval files" because the code runner is called goval. If you set yourself as an explorer in your accounts, you can try it out, but make sure to report any errors or unexpected behavior to the team!

GavHern (81)

note to @LukeZeller you can turn on explorer mode by clicking on your account name on the far right of the navigation bar at the top, then go to account, then expand the "roles" tab, and check the "explorer" box.

LukeZeller (3)

@GavHern I already am an explorer.