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Function data type mismatch
imaddmattgaming (0)

If I delcare a prototype for a function as so:
void func(int&, int, int[], int*);

Then I declare and int but populate it as an array:
int x3 = {0};
What happens to the x3 variable that is passed into the second parameter?

Vandesm14 (1665)

Can you provide a link to your repl?

Vandesm14 (1665)

@imaddmattgaming The x3 variable is an array, so when it is passed into the function (when the parameter is supposed to be an integer), it returns an error.

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imaddmattgaming (0)

@Vandesm14 So then if for a question they wanted the outputs, It would be none? Just a compiler error will occur?

On the memo for the test where this question originated, the output is said to be 3 9 7 0 3

Vandesm14 (1665)

@imaddmattgaming Yes, it should be an error, unless they want you to pass the array to the correct array parameter. Otherwise, you should be fine!