Code doesn't run
GabrieleRomagno (20)

It happens regularly that the python code i am writing simply doesn't run. I try to stop and nothing happens. I refresh the page i get the same problem. Few hours later i try and everything runs smoothly.
I really would like to use Repl but i am having so many headheache that i am tempted to find another solution :(

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icy_1 (2)

@GabrieleRomagno since it ran for you a few hours later, that's why I suspect the server experienced overload.

For python I think typically you define a main function and add a bit of protection against automatic running if imported as a module.


(I give up trying to write comments in code... i tried <pre> <code> [code]... )

If you had both the files as in example, the main() function would run.