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kaldisberzins (255)

In the "what should I make" thread @amasad expressed his wish for another multiplayer game. He wanted it to be more community focused than some of the multiplayer shooters. I decided to act on it and am planning to make a multiplayer faction-based game. I currently envision four factions starting in the center of a large map and having the opportunity to explore/battle each other. I also would love to have the in-game accounts linked to repl.it accounts. However this would require some input from repl.it themselves. I imagine the character just being a profile pic with a circle around it indicating a faction color. I would also, however like your input on this. If you think that factions would just split the community then explain why here. I want to hear your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you know HTML and Javascript you are welcome to offer your help. If you are good at making art I would be thankful for your help as well.

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ryanhcode (84)

Cool! I'd be willing to help some and would really love to see where this goes. Repl.it does allow you to use their login system to some extent, but I would store data in some other way. I'm pretty good with socket.io, Nodejs, HTML and Javascript. Are you thinking pixel art?

kaldisberzins (255)

@ryanhcode I was kinda thinking pixel art or maybe the cartoonish style that Kenney has. Do you have a discord account? If yes, we could coordinate further from there. If you are on the repl.it server my name there is KiloGram.

ryanhcode (84)

@kaldisberzins I’d rather not use discord. Do you have a Skype or email?