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kaldisberzins (283)

In the "what should I make" thread @amasad expressed his wish for another multiplayer game. He wanted it to be more community focused than some of the multiplayer shooters. I decided to act on it and am planning to make a multiplayer faction-based game. I currently envision four factions starting in the center of a large map and having the opportunity to explore/battle each other. I also would love to have the in-game accounts linked to accounts. However this would require some input from themselves. I imagine the character just being a profile pic with a circle around it indicating a faction color. I would also, however like your input on this. If you think that factions would just split the community then explain why here. I want to hear your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you know HTML and Javascript you are welcome to offer your help. If you are good at making art I would be thankful for your help as well.

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mkhoi (213)

I can quite imagine what the game might be, i'd like to help but i'm too noob at JS, sorry ☹

Edit: maybe i can do some art?

ryanhcode (91)

@mkhoi That would be nice! Do you have a Skype?

Steven_The_GuyT (211)

@mkhoi ok i might be the same age as you...

mkhoi (213)

@Steven_The_GuyT Might? You dont know your age or something?

Steven_The_GuyT (211)

@mkhoi i know my age, i'm just saying that i may be 12.

ryanhcode (91)

@Steven_The_GuyT Do you want to help? If not then please keep your unrelated comments out of this thread.