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rabofan70 (2)

I want to make a game witch programming skills do i need to know?💪🏼💙

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YatinBayya (18)

Website based Games/ Canvas Games

If you want to make games on the web I would recommend learning HTML/CSS and then start learning JS when you are confident with both HTML/CSS. After you are done learning JS I would suggest looking into Canvas Games (Google It) which there are a ton of tutorials for. This is the easiest way to game development. This can get you into game development in about a month or so if you are really dedicated.

Desktop/Pc Games

This genre is a bit complicated because of the variety of choices. You can do Python which is the easiest of which. But after you are thorough with the fundamentals, basics, and intermediate level programming, I recommend starting with PyGame which is a programming library(Existing Code that you can build upon) that helps you make games. Then they are harder languages for this like Java(Which Minecraft is made in) and C++(Which pretty much all games are made in). Remember this genre will take a year or so to master.

Apple Appstore

I recommend you to use an Apple device for this one, although possible in windows. This uses a programming language called Swift. This is made by apple and there are a ton of tutorials. The syntax is very similar to Java and C++ which I rather recommend you learn one of those before you go onto Swift.

Google Play Store

The Google play store uses Java just like Desktop/Pc Games and learning this language you can do two genres in one go.

Pretty Much Everything

This is the path that I recommend, learn Unity which uses C#(Not to be confused with C++), for this learning C# is not necessary but recommended and search online for some Unity tutorials. The great part about this is that it will take a couple of months to master and this can be used for Websites, Xbox, Pc, Apple App Store, Google Play, Facebook Game Room, and much more. This is the most popular of which but it can be confusing at first so I recommend getting some programming experience before hopping on to this.

Good Luck with your game development and If this helps your question please select the checkmark next to this comment.

mwilki7 (184)

can confirm the canvas stuff
i love canvas