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Give me your problems!
Zexogon (845)

Hey guys! I want you to give me your stupid problems something like “I can’t open my bag of chips” or whatever so I can make a video about trying to solve these problems with code! I’ll pick the most cycled problem to make a video on, please go easy on me (thanks you guys for 500 cycles btw I love you all \(^w^)/)

Answered by Zavexeon (1034) [earned 5 cycles]
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Zavexeon (1034)

I can't see my forehead.

(also, luv you too <3)

Zexogon (845)

@Zavexeon looks like you win now I have to figure out how to rig up a camera feed with my webcam

Zexogon (845)

I will probably be answering other questions as well by the way so if you guys have a short question you are in luck


@Zexogon crap, I cant get zexogon to make a survey/scam/paypal site that gives me money

Evanlicious (80)

Crap, I can't get Zexogon to make a robotic operating bicycle for no apparent reason.

DeBeast591 (135)

Crap, I can't get Zexogon to make a program to find my soul.

Warhawk947 (509)

@DeBeast591 crap, I can't get zexogon to lick my elbow for me

arashwales123 (24)

I have lost one of my foreheads

arashwales123 (24)

I cant grow a tree that makes money

BenjaminShapiro (0)

how do i add sound to my java game?

RihabMechlioui (1)

cant access an excel file here online( i need to write and read it )

GemmaCattanach (0)

hello i have the corona virus and i need a pooooooooo

AnthonyValdes (5)

i cant open the website

3465728974563 (53)

I can't figure out how to make the screen set up the same on any device. Could you help me out? The game is here:
If you can find out how to fix it please respond with either an explanation, a solution, or a video that shows how to fix it. Thank you.

thecrabempire (7)

I can't figure out what dark matter is and I can't figure out how to finish building a time machine

BalthazarBradsh (0)

I don't know how to type

Haizi (8)

I need to eliminate Tik Tok

TristanMisja (34)

My head has a ton of holes! Help!

DeBeast591 (135)

i forgot where my soul is.

DeBeast591 (135)

@jawwson ummmm, i think i only misplaced it. My soul said it hated me though...

jawwson (12)

@DeBeast591 It ran away to the 10293851782395068390748035th realm

MatReiner (98)

I'm low on time.

I'm too small

10thGCHSGCHS (1)

What is the most efficient way to break a poptart?

Prosilentgamer (7)

i cant see my eyes please help!

RayvelArjoon (68)

My refrigerator isn't running!


Fix it or buy a new one. @RayvelArjoon


I can’t make a time machine.

axldiefje (3)

I can't open a wall.


You can. Get a huge hammer, and slam it into the wall. @axldiefje

jawwson (12)

@CodeABC123 Will it work with a medium sized hammer?


Uh, I guess, you just have to slam it harder. @jawwson

jawwson (12)

@CodeABC123 So if I used a tiny hammer, I would have to slam it harder than I am able to slam it.


Exactly. @jawwson

Andi_Chin (158)

I can't use java because java.lang is not imported

LittleNomster (113)

not bieng able to stay awake when adults wake us up, then going through the day half asleep. All because I stay up at night getting atttention ;)
oh, it's too late isn't it. whoops.

Vandesm14 (2218)

@LittleNomster Even if you missed it, this is a real problem I face every day

LittleNomster (113)

@Vandesm14 this is my everyday problem, along with the struggle to survive this heckhole.

LynxPOG (1)

How do I get a Life

Prosilentgamer (7)


Prosilentgamer (7)

i cant seem to hear. its way to bright in here.

Evanlicious (80)

My bicycle won't move with a machine. I mean, technically, this is the most "cycled" problem.

mkhoi (268)

I can't finish my essay without adding extra useless words


Me too. @tokerdon

jawwson (12)

@CodeABC123 Yes I want to join my dead computer in the afterlife(not this computer)


Computers don’t have the essential things for life, and therefore, it was not alive and it is not in afterlife. A dead computer is the same as a broken computer. @jawwson

jawwson (12)

@CodeABC123 When I got my computer, I added the essential things for life to it.

JamesGordon1 (116)

i can't make a program that makes a program witch makes a program that makes a program that makes a program that makes a program that writes print ("hello world")

TurtleAndrew (45)

@JamesGordon1 use webbot in python and open a webpage in a webpage, ect. and on the final one put print("Hello World")

sugarfi (469)

@JamesGordon1 print('print(\'print(\\\'print(\\\\\\\'print("hello world")\\\\\\\')\\\')\')')

Giothecoder (126)


          eval('console.log("hello world")')