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Give ps4 a app >:c
AzureScripts (166)

Suspended from college, so ps4 is my only internet access. F for respects.

Vandesm14 (2364)

Umm. You could boot Ubuntu or another form of Linux onto the ps4 (don't ask me how) and use it as a normal computer to use but that's all. Do you have a phone? @kognise is making a mobile app for

  1. How did you access this?
  2. How did you get suspended?
AzureScripts (166)

@TaylorLiang 1. Ps4 browser 2. Mind ya business


@AzureScripts cant you use the browser to use replit

AzureScripts (166)

I have no phone or PC. I have the browser on PS4. Lost access to PC in college (Suspended )

AllAwesome497 (335)

First of all: PS4<Bad.
Second, why would not do it from ur phone? doing it on ps4 would be a pain

AdCharity (1314)

Um... go to the library/Starbucks or something? Btw how did you make this post if you have no more internet?

Rileygamer21 (35)

How would this even work. ._.

Zavexeon (1027)


Hmm... a app on PS4 doesn't seem feasible. Are there any browser apps for PS4 that would support