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Google Sheets API???
AHulot (43)

Does anyone know how to use Google Sheets API? If so, can you teach me how to use it? I want to use it in one of my games but don't want to use someone else's code.

PYer (3396)

Google has this tutorial on how to do it. In addition, just ask the person for permission. I'm sure they'll allow you to use their code.

AHulot (43)

@PYer :
I did ask and they said yes but I do want to learn how to do this in the future. I'll have a look at your tutorial : )

AHulot (43)

@AHulot :
It doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Foster_Bryant (97)

Yeah I tried to do it too a few weeks ago I don't understand it