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Graphics in Python (or anything related to Python)
ChristopherLi5 (13)

I know a lot of you guys like creating games, and so do I! But I sometimes think that a text-based adventure game or something like that is a bit too boring. Graphics are a cool way to display information and create games (as I have seen in the Game Jam winners), but I don't know what to use. Python + Turtle Graphics? Pygame? HELP!!!!

vedprad1 (881)

For Turtle, you have to use a turtle repl, not a python repl:

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ChristopherLi5 (13)

@vedprad1 Is it possible for the user to interact with the screen (I know Python Turle, but never actually tried it)

YuAndy (57)

Try the language Python with turtle and here's a website with all the functions (although some don't work in repl):

mwilki7 (1111)

What languages are you comfortable working with?