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HTML Websites
Lanna (37)

Does anyone of you know any useful websites that teach HTML for free? Anything that isn't that complicated, and has spaces for beginners?

EthanJustice (26)
  • w3 Schools - Resources for full stack web development and quizzes, lots of interactivity and amazing website for resources.
  • StackOverflow - Large, professional website for problems with almost any language you can image (or any of the StackExchange networks).
  • FreeCodeCamp - as @heyitsmarcus said:

    also check out FreeCodeCamp. It's awesome!

Really feature-rich site, like a more flowery w3

  • Mozilla Developer Network - A database made by the Mozilla Foundation, maker of Firefox, of resources for web developers (similar to w3 Schools)
eankeen (1275)

Free code camp is an excellent source when getting started. Once you have the basics down, I'd recommend reading through the MDN docs on HTML. If you're looking for some sort of cheat sheet, I'd recommend

theangryepicbanana (1624)

Try the courses on Khan Academy. They are free, and include lots of video tutorials

Lanna (37)

Thanks for all the recommendations, I'll definitely try them out!

JustARatherRidi (209)

The others here have made some good suggestions, but I don't think any of them properly teach HTML, or at least they definitely don't do it quite as well. I extremely super highly recommend this tutorial, and I think this is the only introduction and tutorial for web development anyone ever needs. Just go through their home page, and I guarantee you'll want to give it a shot.

Good luck!

cats_ur_cool77 (33)

I have personally been learning lots of code at | It has an online editor that you can use to test the new things you learn, and they go in depth on how to do things. I definitely recommend that.

AllAwesome497 (337)

Not necessarily for basics, for that i would recommend thats where i learned it.
As for any questions about it, or for any help, just ask here, we are happy to help. you could also join the discord, invite link: .

heyitsmarcus (315)

I highly suggest using They are an amazing, non-profit organization that teaches about web development. You can start it as an absolute beginner and come out of their courses with a lot of great knowledge. And the best part is that it's all totally free since it's backed by donations from the community.