HTML Websites
Lanna (32)

Does anyone of you know any useful websites that teach HTML for free? Anything that isn't that complicated, and has spaces for beginners?

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EthanJustice (70)
  • w3 Schools - Resources for full stack web development and quizzes, lots of interactivity and amazing website for resources.
  • StackOverflow - Large, professional website for problems with almost any language you can image (or any of the StackExchange networks).
  • FreeCodeCamp - as @heyitsmarcus said:

    also check out FreeCodeCamp. It's awesome!

Really feature-rich site, like a more flowery w3

  • Medium - Smart news, also a lot of programming tutorials
  • Mozilla Developer Network - A database made by the Mozilla Foundation, maker of Firefox, of resources for web developers (similar to w3 Schools)

Mini-Tutorial Code
Mini-Tutorial Website - Keep in mind I've used my own stylesheet, as basic browser styling varies across each browser, and it is common to see a reset stylesheet used to delete any default styles.

If you also want to dive into CSS, I'd recommend learning about classes and IDs here and here, and then learning a framework such as w3.CSS, Bulma, Bootstrap, or Semantic-UI. I would also recommend learning vanilla CSS and vanilla JavaScript, and then maybe moving on to a JavaScript framework like VueJs or jQuery for basic transitions, DOM traversing, and such. Of course, this is going full-blown, but if you do want to do it, take it slow and make sure you're understanding the concepts.