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AdCharity (1261)

I posted a submission for the hackathon for "Green Scale", a social media site focused on bringing awarenss to the environment. Unfortunately, someone has gone around and posted explicit content onto my site, which I do not appreciate. As such, I am warning the hackathon participants, as well as the person him/herself about this.

Answered by Zavexeon (1033) [earned 5 cycles]
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Zavexeon (1033)

If you add some sort of auth you can find the user.

AdCharity (1261)

@Zavexeon yeah I'm adding a banning system based on user location rn

Zavexeon (1033)

@EthanHorowitz Nice. We have his email. Or at least one of them. And the username he used to screw with us, at least.

AdCharity (1261)

@Zavexeon [information removed]

You know I really liked it when your cycles were at 555

EthanHorowitz (69)

@Zavexeon he found a way...I guess we have to do more security stuff

Andi_Chin (158)

@EthanHorowitz you really shouldn't post someone's location on here, even if they had posted inappropriately content

AdCharity (1261)

@Andi_Chin HTML5 geolocation api is not accurate. It can only post a general loaction. In addition, in our terms of service (which he wouldve agreed to to make an account), say we collect and may distribute your location if you violate it.

Lethdev2019 (30)

if you look at the hackathon post, i have placed more suggestions (3)