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Has anyone else been banned from Discord for no reason?
freddyamarsden (19)


So I was checking my emails, and I suddenly see one from discord saying that my account has been banned for "raiding servers". This is a load of nonsense as I have never raided a server in my life. I then reply asking them if they can unban me, and they say its a permenant thing, and they have investigated it properly. This is compleetely unfair, as I have done nothing wrong. I know recently colaberated with Discord for a competition. Please can you ask them to unban me, because my bot is now unable to work. Thanks Freddy

Answered by minx28 (201) [earned 5 cycles]
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minx28 (201)

Very sorry to hear this, but there isn't really anything can do about it. As @fullern000 said, try to communicate further with Discord and find out what actually happened, or try to prove that you haven't raided any servers.

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PYer (2733)

Try and find out what happend? Maybe somebody else used your account? You could try asking them what you did. It might be your bot accidentally spammed a server too.