Why doesn't repl.it have a dark mode?
CodingCactus (3190)

Why does repl.it have no official dark mode?

I don't know much about web development, so I was just wondering if there was like some complexity in making a dark mode for a website or something.

So repl.it has a dark theme in the IDE, but why can't that be transferred to the whole of the site.

What I mean, is the menu and stuff on the side is also in dark mode when you change the theme in the IDE.


As you can see, the menu at the side is also dark theme, meaning (in my mind) that the whole site could be in this dark theme, so why isn't there an option for that?

Sorry for the long, most likely badly worded, post

Any ideas?

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Answered by amasad (3025) [earned 5 cycles]
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c4syner (77)

Haven't seen anything about what @mat1 did so here it is: https://darktheme.matdoes.dev/themes
super experimental and clanky, I know but it's pretty epic