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Hello Robotic Engineers & Coders
heraaizon (1)

Hi Everyone,

Feels great to be apart of an amazing community of coders!
I am new here and wanted to get to know and connect with new people.

If you are a robotic engineer, robotic coder, program for any automative or robotic purposes or a new friendly face please comment here! Would love to get a convo going!

Don't be shy :)

Zavexeon (921)

I build and program robots at my high school. We use the Vex EDR and Vex V5 platforms.

heraaizon (1)

Hi @Zavexeon :) nice to meet you and thats very interesting

PDanielY (633)

Hi! I am a programmer like everyone else here. :D

heraaizon (1)

Hi @AppliDev nice to meet you too! What language(s) do you code in?