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seweed3 (6)

How do you make a navigation tag? I am trying to make a website. And, also let's say I wanted my website to link to other pages in the same website, how do I do it in repl?

Answered by Coder100 (12437) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (12437)

And to make a new page,

click on that new file button and then name it secondpage.html.

Now you can link to that other page by adding:

<a href="secondpage.html">Second page</a>
PattanAhmed (1361)

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seweed3 (6)

@PattanAhmed yeah, I just found that website,but thanks!

PattanAhmed (1361)

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Coder100 (12437)

Hi. You can make a "semantic" nav tag:

seweed3 (6)

But, what do you put inside the navigation tag

Coder100 (12437)

oh, it's just the same as a div @seweed3

Coder100 (12437)

you can put anything inside of it, it's just for better readability @seweed3

oignons (313)

The navigation tag would be <nav>. You can read more about it here

To link to other pages, first make another page subset with HTML/CSS/JS files. Make sure to link these files to each other with each other using the <meta> tag. Then, use the <a> tag to link them up. If you have any questions, please reply.

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