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Help Pls
epicman702 (218)

I want to know how to create accounts that save

Like in the fishing game, there were accounts that saved your progress

I want to know how to do this in python pls


Answered by PDanielY (1130) [earned 5 cycles]
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ash15khng (700)

You could either use a text file or a database to save each account name.

epicman702 (218)

@ash15khng and @PDanielY Thank you for help but which would be better in terms of saving without forking onto your device?

epicman702 (218)

@PDanielY Could you give me a code with this example?

PDanielY (1130)

@epicman702 actually database is stored in you device but you could use remotemysql.
Here is an example with Python:

import mysql.connector

mydb = mysql.connector.connect(

PDanielY (1130)

@PDanielY you can get the username and password from remotemysql and the host is

epicman702 (218)

@PDanielY Ok thank you!
I'll try figure it out
Looks complicated