Help with a secure login
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I am trying to password protect my website, where it asks for a username and password before entering.
But is there a way to allow it so that my python script can access the contents and text on the site, but ask for a password with normal users

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ebest (574)

Now that I can see your program (Stalking skillz (not really)) I see a small problem:

hash_username = hashlib.pbkdf2_hmac('sha256', bytes(username, 'utf-8'), b'salt', 150000)
    hash_password = hashlib.pbkdf2_hmac('sha256', bytes(password, 'utf-8'), b'salt', 150000)

USE SHA512! it's not that important but I like it a lot more.

Also, the text isn't that secure yet. Do you know how to write files?

For your actual question, I need to know where you are running it. If it's on this site I can't help you because I don't know JS. The only way I know of is this site.

YAY. I am very happy in completing my first programming challenge. Maybe it wasn't an official one, but it is a challenge. 20 minutes spent on this.


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@ebest 1. I do know how to write files
2. i am running the login on a .py file on my PC
3. The hashes are stored on a website

ebest (574)

@AzureScripts well there you go. I was thinking of writing a .env file with all the website's actual content, like if you put all the content to be printed out in a module in the middle of a .env file and then made it so that the login module called the module inside of the .env file... a little complicated, but I gave you the answer up there. Can you accept it? Or this one?

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@ebest not exactly what i am looking for.

I am just tryna see if i can make it so that i can have a protected website, which you can't access manually, but allow my script to see inside.

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i have the hashes and stuff to a login on a "hashes.txt".
When i go on there manually, it asks for a Username and Password

When my script goes on it, it can read the data.

ebest (574)

@AzureScripts Are you asking for file READING? Because that isn't hard.

Reading files

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@ebest No... it's not a file... it's on a website...

r = requests.get('')

I am talking about if i can do that ^^^^... but make it work with a password on the site
it isn't that hard to understand.

ebest (574)

@AzureScripts so you have to do
r = requests.get('', password="abc")

ebest (574)

@AzureScripts is that what you want to do? so all the contents cannot be seen by regular people?

ebest (574)

@AzureScripts Ah. That would be, to say the least, complicated. There is a (really really really) complicated way of putting all the encrypted information in a file.

Another solution would be to switch your language to brainf.

ebest (574)

@AzureScripts Python is built to be view able and simple. It's really really hard to encrypt it. Don't try, you'l fail. Sorry!