why is it showing me a type error and how do i solve it?

comment or suggest something about the game if you have anything in mind..

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Answered by CodingCactus (4089) [earned 5 cycles]
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ShivanshMishra (0)

Hey, I am new to this platform. You recently sent me an invitation to edit the code or something like that.
I had few questions to ask, so plz consider answering these questions.
1. How you got to know about me and what's the purpose behind sending me the mail. I am not experiencend in coding as i started about 6 months ago.

  1. How things work here? Is this a team? Can everyone collaborate here?

Sorry for posting this question as i dont know how i can communicate with you, outside of this post section.


if so then you are my brother na or if not then i may have by mistaken ... sorry if you are someone else @ShivanshMishra