why is it showing me a type error and how do i solve it?

comment or suggest something about the game if you have anything in mind..

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Answered by CodingCactus (4116) [earned 5 cycles]
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ShivanshMishra (0)

Hey, I decided to bring some of my friends also, since they are not coming so i decide to not carry forward this team for sometime. I also recommend you to first work on basic things then go to complex ones. First consider learning functions and oop concept, after doing the basics like conditionals, loops etc. Since you have started very early you have lots of time to explore. I also recommend you to not to copy a single line of code from web, even if it is simple just do it on your own and try if you don't get it for the first time. I am not saying you to stop learning from internet but consider what i said. You coding skills are good but don't rush, just brush up the basics. Hope you get what I am saying. Whenever i revive the team i will add you!:) @ROCKINGRAYQUAZA