Which dialect of BASIC follows Basic (beta) - pg-basic?
pcarmo (0)

I am new in reply.it which I am now starting to explore. I arrived here through the very interesting https://repl.it/@paulgraham/repeat repl.
This program is written in Basic (beta) - pg-basic and this language in the subject of my question. Which dialect of BASIC is Basic (beta) - pg-basic? I searched for information first on repl.it and then on the Web, and I did not find anything. Here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_BASIC_dialects, for instance, we don't find it listed.
Best regards,
Paulo Carmo.

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amasad (3079)

Hey there, we started with classic Basic but it's evolving to somewhere between classic and QBasic. Our goal is to be easy and user friendly as classic basic but also modern and approachable

The docs can be found here: https://docs.repl.it/misc/basic