benjaminapp (3)

I'm a beginner programmer with a background in finance & economics, with a big passion for food.

I'm currently building a marketplace start-up and would be interested in bringing on board an experienced coder to take the tech-lead and bring our high-fidelity prototype to life.

Anyone interested in coming on board in a co-founder capacity, say Hi!


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mattdoan (15)

What do you want the coder to do? Front-end or back-end? (or full-stack? scary) What language? There are a host of questions to ask.

benjaminapp (3)

Would be good to get a front-end and a back-end on board. More than two if possible. But I think a small 3-4 person team is a good balance at this stage :) Thinking of taking a JS approach, using either MERN or MEAN. I've heard Ruby on Rails is a great marketplace language, but at this stage will be about building out the MVP bro @mattdoan

benjaminapp (3)

Also, I feel React will be the best front-end option. @mattdoan