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Boothy579 (8)

Hey, Can someone come Have A look at my code @SethLawson

CodingCactus (4101)

the else should be:

  print("Hey U is cool Bro")


    print("Hey U is cool Bro")

(1 indentation less# than there is)


Sorry if I’m wrong, but I think your spamming this or something(it’s worded that way). It feels like you just want more people to look.


Sorry, but if the code is not working, don’t name the post “Hey”. Name it so it says you have a problem, like “Calculator not working” or whatever the problem is. And in the body of the post, describe the problem, like “When I add large numbers, it gives me an error. Can somebody please help?” For more information, go to @Boothy579

DeepakSaini (0)

Yes i am interested to work together my last project submitted

Thecrowbar1234 (140)

the actions in the else statement are one indentation level higher then what they are supposed to be

Andi_Chin (220)

what's the problem? It's working fine

Boothy579 (8)

@Andi_Chin Hmm. It Wasnt Working For Me

LizFoster (647)

Trent is the worst (Sorry if your name is Trent)

UniqueOstrich18 (324)

This doesn't belong in the ask section, it should be in the share section. Also, whats up with Trent?

Boothy579 (8)

@UniqueOstrich18 Its Just A Random Name I Picked