Python 3 - maximum call stack / recursion
masonjargon (8)

Did recently reduce the "maximum call stack" limit? I have a simple code that uses the turtle module and recursively draws triangles inside of triangles... I think it would be considered a "fractal".

The code used to run to completion (a few weeks ago), but now I'm getting a run time error partway through the code:

ExternalError: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded on line 21

My code is at URL:

This is my first question for this community. Please let me know any conventions which I should follow. I did search for news around this item, but did not find any recent updates.

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a5rocks (781)

Hmmm... Works for me? Did you fix something?

BTW Conventions-wise, I kinda suck at this front, but I personally like to have an empty line every time I finish an indented block (idrk how to call it... if, or for, or with, etc.)

masonjargon (8)

@a5rocks thanks for responding! Mine does NOT work. It goes through several iterations, but its the limit before finshing. I will try to add a screen-capture of the output.

masonjargon (8)

@a5rocks and thank you, in addition, for the style pointers.

a5rocks (781)

@masonjargon Sorry for the late response, but here's a screenshot of it working for me:

You might want to report this on or (or tell the admins on

masonjargon (8)

@a5rocks Well, in a way I'm glad it's a technical error and not a coding error. I really appreciate your testing this for me. I will try a few other things than raise this as an issue in "bugs" or "feedback"

Have a great rest of the day.