Hotkey to move cursor outside brackets?
MatthewPenner (0)

So, if I type...
I am then shown:
And my cursor is inside he brackets.

If I type...
I am then shown:
And my cursor is between the quotation marks.

I am then shown:
My cursor is then to the right of the O and to the left of the last quotation mark.

Is there some kind of hotkey/shortcut key combination that can move my cursor outside the brackets or outside the quote?
or do I need to use the arrow keys or mouse to navigate to the outside?
The "end" button is also not what I have in mind.

I'm a pure beginner, but I feel like it would be crazy if such a shortcut doesn't exist.

Thanks for your time!

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MatthewPenner (0)

I just figured it out.
ALT/Option + left or right arrow will move me outside the brackets I'm in.

I'm on a Mac at school now, so I'm not sure if this works on PC or if there's a better way of doing it, so feel free to share if anything comes to mind