How Did YOU Find
PYer (2682) is one of many online coding platforms. How did you find this one? Did you do a google search? A friend? Why did you choose over the many others that exist out there. Currently is one of the most popular. I will say that if i google's filtering and searching system were different, i wouldn't have found it. I found with online python3. Comment below your own story!

Reasons so far:

  • Coding on multiple computers
  • Learning at school
  • Looking for better online compilers/interpreters
  • Searching on google for online <coding language>
  • Friends
  • Coding in school without downloading interpreters/compilers
  • Making games that wouldn't work on normal compilers/interpreters
  • Entering competitions that require
  • Storing code online. To show other people, or other uses

It's really cool to see how other people found If I had been told to list as many reasons as I could, I would have gone with Bullet 1, Bullet 2, Bullet 3, and maybe Bullet 5.

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Answered by amasad (1865) [earned 5 cycles]
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SebastianCooke (13)

I'm in middle school and one of the requirements at my school is a python coding class. They just so happened to be teaching it with this beautiful website. I've expanded my knowledge to almost all the languages they have on this website. It has definitely been a fun journey though!

PYer (2682)

@SebastianCooke cool! once my teacher was teaching python, and i got to help since i already knew :)