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How Did YOU Find
PYer (3579) is one of many online coding platforms. How did you find this one? Did you do a google search? A friend? Why did you choose over the many others that exist out there. Currently is one of the most popular. I will say that if i google's filtering and searching system were different, i wouldn't have found it. I found with online python3. Comment below your own story!

Reasons so far:

  • Coding on multiple computers
  • Learning at school
  • Looking for better online compilers/interpreters
  • Searching on google for online <coding language>
  • Friends
  • Coding in school without downloading interpreters/compilers
  • Making games that wouldn't work on normal compilers/interpreters
  • Entering competitions that require
  • Storing code online. To show other people, or other uses

It's really cool to see how other people found If I had been told to list as many reasons as I could, I would have gone with Bullet 1, Bullet 2, Bullet 3, and maybe Bullet 5.

Answered by amasad (3072) [earned 5 cycles]
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amasad (3072)

Back in school I was getting interested in learning more programming languages. But I was discouraged because I didn't have a laptop and was always on the move (between home, school, and job) and every time I had an hour to code a little I have to spend most of it installing or troubleshooting compilers, IDEs, libraries, etc.

So I discovered the idea behind -- an instant & portable programming environment for any language I want to learn. I ended up being the one to code it into existence but I might as well have found it if it existed before that.

PYer (3579)

@amasad Cool! is amazing!

themaka (186)

@amasad One of my college classes used an IDE that wasn't on the lab's computer images, so we spent almost 15% of each class installing it ... would have been an amazing solution

I'm amazed more colleges aren't using it.

PYer (3579)

@themaka It is really cool. is fairly new though, and maybe other colleges are using it. You wouldn't really know unless you are in college? Are you?

amasad (3072)

@PYer There are sooo many colleges using it. But yes, I agree, all of them should haha

B0T (16)

@amasad Thanks to that great idea. Now is really useful for instant, portable programming and for better learning experience. I don't have to hide my teacher that im installing a programming language again, she doesnt allowed students for installing anything. yea quite annoyed

Highwayman (1436)


*innocent repler* *asks how ppl found


*all knowing god*

in a time before replit...

FlaminHotValdez (219)

my coding class introduced it to me, its helpful bc i dont have programs to run every language. Plus it helped me discover the oh-ever-so-awesome language LOLCODE.

PlominPraveena (0)

I came across whatsdev's tutorial in youtube. In his small Javascript Course He said he loved And i put the exact http and BOOM. I AM MINDBLOWN.
now i am thinking why there are IDEs :p

PYer (3579)

Haha. What is an IDE? @PlominPraveena
(Just kidding, but I haven't used one forever!)

hg0428 (174)

Because my school Chromebook could not download normal compilers/interpreters

HoogidyBoogidy (3)

@hg0428 Same!!!! But I just found it by searching on google for a good development platform.

HoogidyBoogidy (3)

@hg0428 Also, I was just worried that they would stop me from downloading.

PYer (3579)

Yeah, that's how most people found it. Some people had friends introduce it to them though. @Codemonkey51

Codemonkey51 (924)

Lol I introduced my friend he doesn't use it much tho :) @PYer

KellerWorthen (41)

took an online course to learn how to make websites, at the end they recommended this website to make my own

LiamDonohue (295)

googled "online ide"

PYer (3579)

cool! that's the same way a lot of others found [email protected]

firefish (884)

I found it through Microsoft's website, to find online F# compilers (I don't actually use F#, I was trying it for fun at that point)

VFDan (3)

I googled "online C complier"

JoshuaKing1 (65)

I first started with javascript when I was in second grade. I learned about 50 new things to do with it until I got bored in this other compiler. Then, I searched up 'online compiler' and I thought was great! Now I'm experienced in HTML, JS, Ruby, and Nodejs.

webmunchster (21)

I am a Mentor at a Coder Dojo in our area. I was helping a kid with a CSS problem when I realized her IDE was in her browser. I had never heard of it, so I asked her. She said it was called "" and had a lot of languages to code on. I signed up, started up a Python project, and I have been using it ever since!

PYer (3579)

@webmunchster cool! i haven't hear of coder dojo before, what is it?

mwilki7 (1113)

My professor needed a platform for us to submit F# projects

PYer (3579)

@mwilki7 cool! was it using classroom?

mwilki7 (1113)

@PYer Yes, though I wish I explored repl at the time. Would have helped to know there was an online IDE with so many different technologies available.

EdgarArcia (0)

I read an article on Medium about how to teach/learn Python. I followed the link here and stayed because they offer free accounts to schools. My students like it and it is very easy to check their work. THANKS!

algore (23)

I was on a school chromebook and was very bored, I knew that python OS import could inject into shell, so I decided to look for an online python compiler so I could use a shell terminal in school, the reason for this was because shell allows you to ssh and I enjoy exploring ssh servers, I've found chat rooms, ctfs, communities, and tons more interesting stuff using the shell that I am able to use thanks to repl.


Causality, i was searching a good online IDE for making an android app and i ended up doing other things. idk why

AquaMarine0421 (33)

I couldn't find a good free coding platform so I looked up on Google Chrome and the top list was LOL :)

coalesce (3)

I was searching stuff similar to JSFiddle but for Clojure. And found
And I found it the best online editor for code examples and "Hello world".

But it is pity that it's not suitable for hosting of small projects with external libraries.
I'd like to use it's paid option for example for Telegram bots, but do not realize how to do so without importing needed libraries for Clojure or Java or Golang :(

PYer (3579)

@coalesce cool. maybe you could post suggestions to the feedback boards

Jaythrex (2)

My brother shared it with me. He taught me the basics

Ntechh (9)

I went on DuckDuckGo and searched for how to run Python online: I was originally looking for a way to implement a 24/7 python script.

PYer (3579)

@Ntechh did you find out how to?

VFDan (3)

@Ntechh DuckDuckGo 4 Life

programmyBoi (16)

In science class, I asked my friends how they were doing python together online without PyCharm on the low-end school computers and they were like: and then I made my account in class, then we just programmed for the entirety of the class.

culpower (1)

Googled it. Coding on multiple computers, new and old, Win and Linux, I mainly I use it to breath life back into my old 32-bit Arm based Chromebook since is the only coding platform that I could get to run on it without the hassle of entering developer mode.

culpower (1)

@PYer Just Python 3 for now

culpower (1)

@PYer FWIW, I've also found is a great way to practice my long-lost VIM skills since it's so easy to turn on an off in settings(!)

JaydenWong1 (0)

I was just playing games on a different website and I saw my friend on so I wen't on and started to code.

SebastianCooke (13)

I'm in middle school and one of the requirements at my school is a python coding class. They just so happened to be teaching it with this beautiful website. I've expanded my knowledge to almost all the languages they have on this website. It has definitely been a fun journey though!

PYer (3579)

@SebastianCooke cool! once my teacher was teaching python, and i got to help since i already knew :)

Case_Buttitta (42)

Searched up 'Online Python IDE', and went with the first one.

KevinTomaszewsk (1)

i use repl for point 6 but found it randomly on the internet. at the moment i have finished my first python game and decided. "hey, why not make a even LARGER game in lua cuz im smart." i just wana say my python game was about 430 lines, and continued forever. if anybody wants to see it i could post a link to it, but kinda lazy and sitting in global studies right now so. yeah.

Edit: here is said game. Sorry for delay wasnt doing much with repl during spring break.
I know my code will be sloppy but i did what i could. And for about a week from knowing nothing to this. I think its pretty good.

CollinKunsman (106)

My teacher made us search through Google to find this site about 2 days ago.

PYer (3579)

@CollinKunsman your teacher made you do that? i think she should have been the one to find it

CollinKunsman (106)

@PYer Uhh... Don't you mean 'he'?

XavierDD (98)

Honestly I found at school(two-ish years ago) when searching google for python ide online.

PYer (3579)

@XavierDD cool. python seems to be the language people look for online

XavierDD (98)

@PYer I also think I found it a month earlier than that for java but ending up setting up an IDE for java. In many ways this site has been one of the only places I could practice my programming skills.

PYer (3579)

@XavierDD agreed. I spend practically all of my computer time on this site.

XavierDD (98)

@PYer with all of the amazing tools provided and the amazing community I don't think I would use any other website for programming on a mobile device(IPad).

PYer (3579)

@XavierDD agreed. They could improve the mobile support though.

XavierDD (98)

@PYer yes agreed, but I'm growing use to some of the limitations, like not as in depth code suggestions or the description of the functions, but its better than trying to tap the screen to move the cursor as it was when the desktop version was on mobile. If they change it again I would have to break my pattern yet again and start from the bottom up. :)

PYer (3579)

@XavierDD hmmm... I never thought of that. I would agree with the code suggestions part though,

cats_ur_cool77 (33)

I used to have a very simple Python class in 5th grade, and am taking another Python class in 7th, and rediscovered And I am dang glad I did!

PYer (3579)

@cats_ur_cool77 coding is a class in 5th grade for you?

cats_ur_cool77 (33)

@PYer Well, it wasn't a full on class. We did one basic project, and looked at the teacher's screen for help. It wasn't much of a learning experience, but it was something that stuck with me. Then in 7th grade, I remembered this site, and am back on it. :3

PYer (3579)

@cats_ur_cool77 Cool! What was the project?

cats_ur_cool77 (33)

@PYer Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner... It was a restaurant type thing, where you could create your own menu, order stuff from it, and calculate how much money you spent. Mine had a questioning title, but that was in 5th grade. :3

joshwood (117)

I was starting a code club at my school and we were trying to get the administrators to download pycharm on the computers. They instead installed enthought canopy which took 10+ minutes to open. We looked online for alternatives and found repl.
Now I use repl even on my main computer for personal projects so I can work on them at school too.

PYer (3579)

@joshwood what do you do in your club?

joshwood (117)

@PYer Well... Not a ton lately. This is the club's 3rd year. At first we just did lessons to others to teach them some coding basics. But then we kinda got tired of just being teachers, so now we just meet and work on programming projects/project euler problems together. It's pretty unstructured now, especially now that our group has gotten smaller.

PYer (3579)

@joshwood :) How many members? Three years is cool too. Most clubs I tried to create faded within a few months.

joshwood (117)

@PYer We got as many as maybe 25 at one point, but now we've dwindled to maybe 6. A lot of the club went on to college last year. I don't think it'll exist next year, but you never know.

jasonthename (2)

I came across the platform after looking for a way to run my code online.