How Would one Kill a Process with the OS function of python that loops
Masy (26)

Anyone know anyway i could do this. havent really found anything

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ash15khng (486)

You can do a fork bomb:

import os
while True:

To be honest I don't exactly understand what this does but it does crash your computer. Please don't run this on anyone's computer.
An explanation:

EDIT: I misunderstood the question....
To kill a program, you can use the bash command kill (on Linux. Windows is completely different.) If you do pkill -9 <program name>, it sends something called a SIGKILL which can't be ignored by the process, so it should kill the process without any problems. However, you should try doing pkill <program name> without the -9 first.
Now, how do you run a bash command in Python? We need to import subprocess, which is a module in the standard library. (meaning you don't need to install it separately)
To run your command, just do"pkill " + process_name, shell = True)
That should work hopefully.

Masy (26)

@Masy same thing right?

ash15khng (486)

@Masy For a Mac it's the same.