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How can I install to my
ShikharVerma1 (1)

I want to download the package to my repl

How can I ?

Answered by VulcanWM (2177) [earned 5 cycles]
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VulcanWM (2177)

You don't need to install it, you can just import discord
If you are in confusion, check out a bot me and @SpaceFire made using

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CodingCactus (3089)

bots are fun, good luck!

CodingCactus (3089)

@VulcanWM oooh, have you made a few?

VulcanWM (2177)

We made a discord server for all our bots(which is 2)

VulcanWM (2177)

We started with some easy bots like ones that copy what you say and one that translate everything another language that me and SpaceFire made @CodingCactus

ShikharVerma1 (1)

Please also send me the link to join

VulcanWM (2177)

If you want help making a bot, you can ask me.